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Crossovers Vs Sports Cars

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Overview Of Car

Crossovers is one of the kinds of sports utility vehicles, thereby also known as crossover utility vehicles. Crossover automobiles have a great interior comfort and luxury, a very convenient and comfortable ride, and a large fuel economy for large journeys or traveling purpose. On the other hand, If you are a sports car freak and interested in purchasing one for yourself, you should know that the maintenance of the car will be expensive. Sports cars require extra maintenance compared to the convenience cars, which means their maintenance is very costly.


Crossovers Pros

  • Capacity for at least five people (with driver)
  • Spacious and comfortable lounge
  • Four-wheel drive or front-wheel drive
  • Increased ground clearance compared to a passenger car
  • Improved visibility due to the high landing of the driver

Crossover Cons

  • Increased fuel consumption due to the presence of a drive to the second axis and a larger mass
  • For a motorist to feel the usefulness of a crossover, it must be equipped with all-wheel drive and a powerful engine. In this case, the car will be much more expensive
  • Car maintenance is more expensive than usual, especially if it is equipped with all-wheel drive

Crossover Cars


The Toyota RAV4 model has expanded the basic concept of crossover cars and helped in expanding the crossover market segment.

Different Size Categories


Subcompact crossovers are typically based on the aim of a compact (supermini or B-segment) cars. Having very limited to almost no off road drive ability, they are never recommended to drive on off roads. They have more ground clearance and a bumper hinge.


Usually having the platform of a compact or C segment, these passenger cars have a number of new models coming in the market since 2010. The compact crossover cars include the TOYOTA RAV4, 1995 Honda CRV, 2000 Nissan X trial, 2000 Mazda tribute and the 2001 ford escape. The Toyota RAV4 is the first compact crossover in 1994.


Mid size crossover cars have the examples of 1999 BMW X5, Toyota highlander 2001 and Hyundai Santa Fe. Some of the mid size crossovers have 2 rows of seats while some have 3.


These are full size cars which offer three rows. GMC acadia, Saturn outlook and the 2008 buick enclave are the three full size cossovers.

toyota rav4

Sports Cars

Apart from the high maintenance factors, sports cars are actually fun cars to drive and you might well love to own one! Some sports cars have great working machines, and have a nice and comfortable journey while others can have a bad performance and a poor exterior design.



Sports cars can be personalized according to the owners choice and interest. They are far more easier to customize than other convenient cars. From the color of the car, to the engine and the wraps and other attributes, sports cars owners can change these all features to something which they would like.


One of the main reasons why sports cars have been liked by so many is for its fast speed! The high speed has always been the number one reason for many of us to purchase sports cars. Companies makes sure that the speed of these cars is always high and the cars should be maintained well. Some of the cars can get tricky at times and hard to handle but as an owner, you must know learn to handle the vehicle for you own safety.


There is something very charming in these cars that keeps attracting all the youngsters and even some of the middle aged too. These cars have a nice and shiny appearance with high quality design work and a comfortable interior.



As mentioned earlier, sports cars needs high maintenance as they have very high technology that can go wrong anytime. Some of these cars are so advanced that a normal mechanic won’t be able to handle them. You need to take them to an expert for any replacements or corrections.


Some of these sports cars are very affordable but as you go top of the line, the cars keep getting more expensive. Many of them are worth their price but their value keeps depreciating with the use. So they get re sale on a relatively lesser price.


These cars are not for the family use and can be used by individuals only for fun travels or travelling with a friend or two. Because these cars are not very spacious, they are not suitable for long journeys with your families.


For some people, the size of these cars can be an ideal characteristic and they might tend to like it but for others, who drove large cars, may not like these cars only because of their size. People who are used to driving sports cars actually like the size and the speed of these cars.

Sports cars in Spain

Video Review


The crossover is an original solution in finding a compromise between a passenger car and a frameless SUV that is useless in urban mode. Before deciding on this category of car, you should analyze in what conditions it will be used more often. A sports car is a car designed with an emphasis on dynamic performance and the thrill of driving. This can often mean a compromise in other areas such as comfort or space so keep this in mind when choosing a model.